• After years of living in the vibrant and busy Hong Kong, the crowdedness slowly pushes me toward nature. Deep inside my heart, I look forward to a life in the wood. Opportunity approached my doorstep and I bought a piece of farmland in Zhuolan. My life was shared between staying in Hong Kong to raise my family and staying in Taiwan to nurture my dream. The thought of being able to live in the wood itself is so satisfying. To be honest with you, PL 52 was nowhere remotely in my original plan, things just fall into place naturally.

    PL 52 was formally a wore down 60 years plus old house, bowing down and abandoned on the village street. Every time I drove past it while on my way to my farm, I cannot help but glance at it and think to myself, 'What an old house!'

  • One day, a real estate agent approached me and asked whether I will be interested in this property, I was in Hong Kong at the time, however, I flew back the next day to put down the deposit. I felt that the place has been waiting for me, hence I decided to buy it without hesitation. All sorts of plans to give it a new life passed through my head, thinking back, with the state of that house, I was being impossible.

    Throughout my traveling, I drew several blueprints of the potential future of the shop, seeking for the right feeling. During the renovation, I bought the shop next door that was also abandoned for years. I can see my plan starting to visualized. I was slowly preparing myself to make the impossible a possibility; I went to Le Cordon Bleu to study the art of patisserie; gaining the dealership of handmade home goods, etc. Slowly, step by step, I am turning an old house situated in this quaint little village of Zhuolan into a shop that sells quality home goods, homemade artisan jam, and dessert.

  • People ranging from neighbors, tourists passing by, to the courier driver often asked me, what are you trying to achieve? Will there be a business? Will anyone come? Despite all these doubts, I never waver the thought that this is the perfect spot . For people that are looking for a slow living lifestyle, this shop has the perfect combination. It is the birth child of healthy and organic products and nature. In PL52, we hope to bring SLOW (S= sustainable; L= local; O = organic; and W= whole) to you and for you to bring this lifestyle back to the vibrant city.

    When you are burned out and want a getaway, why not come here and recharge yourself.