We are a homewares store, coffee shop, and farm on Township Road Miao 55 in Zhuolan, Taiwan.Providing natural, exquisite and high quality home products, jams and desserts.

A small place to escape from the city and immerse yourself in the nature.

PL52 B&B

Double Room/ Large Room

PL52 has four rooms: Ningju, Jingju, Wangju, and Yiju

Accommodates 10 adult guests (up to 12 guests with extra beds)

Full-building or single room reservations available. Breakfast included.


Private Farm

Single Family Home

Jingshan-Dajing Private Farm is 320247 sqft with one small house and two rooms.

Accommodates 6 adult guests:1/F bunk bed for 4 guests, 2/F bedroom for 2 guests, extra bed can be added on 2/F to accommodate up to 8 guests

The outdoor space is flat and suitable for camping

Only available for rent on a full-house basis. Breakfast not included


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