By chance, I bought this over 60-year-old house. I heard that it used to be a tofu shop and a small grocery store. So, I gave it a big makeover!​

The coffee shop 52cafe seemed out of place at first on a quiet street, but the neighbors applauded and the passers-by found it as a pleasant surprise.​

In fact, the countryside is more superior than the city in the sense of quality of life. Embrace the nature and take a deep breath! PL52's expectation is to let guests let go of their tense thoughts, find a corner here, calm down and slow down to feel the other side of life!

We grow some fruits in our farm Jingshan-Dajing, all of which are eco-friendly. We harvest the fruits when they are ripe and create seasonal drinks: wild strawberries, mulberries, Indian cherries, golden date tea, etc.

We never rush or force the plants to grow in any way, we would rather enjoy the taste of fruits that naturally ripens.

52cafe provides simple meals. To ensure freshness, we only accept reservations. Even if there is only one customer, we are happy to prepare for you.

Serves seasonal desserts, juices, coffee, tea and sandwiches.